We help black and brown youth access the
technology, UX/UI, consumer experience, and
design space via paid high school internships.


Because change needs
more than words.

Without the support of our communities and like-minded individuals, our ability to deliver on our mission will fall short. With this in mind, we’re grateful for your support, willingness to take action, and invest in our vision of a more diverse tomorrow.


Todd Harris



Jon Rowley

Board Member


Drew Komenda

Board Member

Todd is a problem solver, tech and cultural strategist, and connector of people.

Todd uses design thinking and customer experience practices to work closely with strategic technology and Fortune 500 brand partners to solve their most complex and pressing business and brand challenges while driving revenue growth for companies and partners.

Over the past 18 years, Todd’s held several instrumental growth and leadership positions across industry leaders and innovators in broadcast, digital, SaaS and digital agencies.

Todd’s vision for Beyond Your Block is to build a bridge between Black and Brown youth, the communities in which they call home, and the technology, design, and customer experience sector. The long term goal is to provide opportunity, improve the talent pipeline, and diversify the technology industry.

Jon is an entrepreneur, community leader, and a proud father.

Jon is the founder of 2020FIT, a community-based fitness business dedicated to improving the lives of its clients, outside the gym. Jon’s involvement with BYB stems from his desire to connect kids who are motivated and hardworking with a network of business leaders that can open their world the possibilities they didn’t know existed through mentorship and employment opportunities.

Jon’s intention for BYB is to take advantage of the network he’s established building 2020FIT and utilize those connections to help teenagers that are “Beyond the Block” of the Prairie Village bubble where 2020FIT operates. You can find more information about Jon at www.2020.Fit or following him @jon2020fit

Drew is a dynamic and strategic leader with a proven ability to inspire organizations to reach new heights. His endless optimism, focus, and entrepreneurial spirit have played a pivotal role in the success of Rx Savings Solutions since 2012. Drew leads the commercial side of the business including sales, marketing, strategic partnerships and client success. Drew has a passion for helping others and eliminating the unnecessary complexity surrounding healthcare. Previously, he spent 11 years at Johnson & Johnson in various roles focused on leading the business in several strategic areas.

Drew has extensive experience leading commercial organization’s scalable growth while maintaining a mission driven culture. Drew’s experience has given him an in-depth knowledge of the health care value chain, where inefficiencies exist and how to leverage technology to create value for all constituents.


Nia Jones

Board Member


Phil Nwafor

Board Member

Nia Jones is thrilled to be a part of the Beyond Your Block board. After spending nine years in the construction industry as one of few minority-woman owned companies; she quickly realized the many ways minorities are consistently left out of potential life altering conversations.

Nia’s goal for Beyond Your Block is to meet the community where they are, and that our efforts will always align with the ultimate goal of furthering the progression of our black and brown communities.

Nia has found that her joy comes from helping others discover their true passions in life. Having discovered a love for cooking later in life, Nia truly understands what it feels like to start over doing something that speaks more to your heart. No matter where you are in your life’s cycle, it’s never too late to begin again.

Phil Nwafor has nearly 20 years of experience as a healthcare growth strategy leader. Phil has overseen the acquisition and development of healthcare innovations in the provider, payer, product and bio-pharmaceutical markets, particularly serving communities facing the challenge of having very limited access to care.

Mr. Nwafor lives in Chicago, Illinois with his wife and children, and is passionate about creating art inspired by his city, and giving back to his community. He is an avid photographer, loves to read, and volunteers in his city as a founder of a community group that seeks to serve and mentor at-risk youth.

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